Wedgewood Houston


  • Housing Variety-


Wedgwood Houston features an eclectic mix of modern style homes with stylish modern finishes, as well as bungalow style homes that capture that old style charm. With Wedgewood Houston becoming more and more popular in the last few years you will frequently see new innovative designs on the houses in the area.

  • Life Quality-


With the recent massive growth Wedgewood Houston has experienced it’s quickly becoming a haven for artists. Also with the delicious nearby restaurants, fantastic art galleries, and the close proximity to downtown Wedgewood Houston is becoming a great family friendly neighborhood.



  • Houston Station-

Looking for a fantastic and unique venue to host a big event? Houston Station is the perfect place for you, Houston Station can accommodate a wide plethora of events ranging from weddings to corporate events. Houston Station has a beautiful rustic design on the interior that truly creates an enchanting atmosphere and can seat up to as many as 350 guests. Houston Station perfectly fits into the nearby artistic and industrial feel that Wedgewood Houston is known for.


  • Workspace-


Wedgewood Houston features one of the most unique workspaces in Nashville, that workspace is Fort Houston. Fort Houston is an artists’ dream when it comes to having a place to work, with woodworking facilities, a printmaking studio, a darkroom, and digital printing you will be hard pressed to find a more unique or creative workspace. Fort Houston also offers classes if you’re interested in becoming more artistic or even just fine tuning some your skills.


  • Art Galleries-


The art scene is a huge part of the culture in Wedgewood Houston, some of the most unique art galleries in the city are based in Wedgewood Houston. The art galleries such as the David Lusk Gallery and the Zeitgeist Gallery, feature some of the best art that Nashville has to offer. If you’re an artist or a fan of great art Wedgewood Houston is absolutely the place to be for you. There is truly no other place in or around Nashville that supplies this same type of art culture.

  • Dining out-

Wedgewood Houston is in a prime spot if you’re looking for fantastic local restaurants. A good example of this is Gabby’s Burgers which features one of the best burgers in the city. Another fantastic nearby eatery is Smokin’ Thighs which features some amazing bar b que. Other nearby restaurants include Clawson’s Pub and Deli, Dozen Bakery, and Santa’s Pub.

  • Culture-

Wedgewood Houston has a very unique culture that is heavily art based, while also largely including an industrial feel. You will frequently see some new modern buildings then may see a factory style building right down the street. This type of culture is what truly makes Wedgewood Houston so intriguing to incoming artists and even families. Some really cool buildings to check out that really illustrate Wedgewood Houston’s culture are Fort Houston and Houston Station.

  • Proximity-


Wedgewood Houston truly features an amazing proximity to some of the hottest places in Nashville. Located only 5 minutes from the very popular 12 South area and just 10 minutes from Downtown Nashville, you will be hard pressed to find a better area in proximity to town.


  • Hot and New Developments-

Growth and developments are an integral part of any upcoming neighborhood or area when looking to put themselves on the map. Wedgewood Houston has already began to make a huge name for itself with nearby developments, venues and workspaces, and there’s even more developments on the horizon!


The Finery-


The Finery is an exciting new mixed use development that will be taking place in Wedgewood Houston. The development will be take up just over 7 acres of space and will feature roughly 490 residential units. The Finery is a great example of the growth in the Wedgewood Houston area in the last couple of years, and it doesn’t look like that growth is stopping any time soon.


  • Wedgewood Lofts-

Wedgewood Lofts Rendering

The Wedgewood Lofts are a new development that recently got approval this past year that will supply a great new complex for new residents to live. There is an estimated 150 apartment units ranging from 468 square feet to 1,515 square feet. It will also be a multi-purpose complex featuring 10,000 square feet of ground retail. This will be an ideal living location for incoming artists interested in the unique Wedgewood Houston neighborhood.


  • Real Estate Market-


Wedgewood Houston’s proximity to downtown and eclectic vibe have quickly made it one of the most desirable places to live in Nashville. In the last ten years the area has seen a considerable price jump. In 2005 the average listing price was $178,056, fast forward to March 2016 there was a great amount of growth seen  in prices as the listing prices rose to $368,314, It’s been proven that Wedgewood Houston is already a hot area and it only seems to be getting hotter.

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