Pizza Perfect

Music City’s 15 Most Mouthwatering Pizza Joints

When your stomach is growling after a long summer day, sometimes the only thing that’ll hit the spot is a slice (or two, or ten) of cheesy, tangy, crispy goodness called pizza. Nashville’s thriving food scene has you covered, bringing yo...

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The Top 20 Hikes Within 2 Hours of Nashville

With summer just around the bend, the next few months will be brimming with warm, sunny weekends begging you to get out in nature. And you don’t have to change time zones and trek all the way to the Appalachian Mountains to find a scenic hike...

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5 Websites to Buy Affordable High-Quality Furniture for Your Home

No one ever said you had to be a millionaire to have a little thing called style! Sometimes penny pinching can help you find just what you're looking for, but at a much lower price. Whether you've got a taste for all things vintage or a de...

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Using Refreshing Colors in Your Home’s Design Scheme

Time to change up those winter whites a bit and add a pop of color into your life! We’ve picked out some of the best interior design examples to show you how to mix colors, textures, and patterns seamlessly. While white is the trendies...

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6 No-Panic Food Ideas That Score Big for Super Bowl Sunday

It's 9:00 p.m. on Saturday night and you just realized the responsibility that goes with inviting 50 people over to your house to watch The Super Bowl in 12 hours. You start to panic, because the greatest thing about The Super Bowl isn't t...

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5 History-Inspired Tennessee Homes and the Architecture Behind Them

Most modern day homes draw on architecture from our past. We foster our inspiration from other homes to create our dream house. If you are looking to purchase a home or already have one, you'll be surprised at what type of architecture your...

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Which Wall Arrangement Best Suits Your Personality?

Wall arrangements can certainly add an element of style to your new apartment or home. Nothing says you just moved in like some blank walls! Scroll through these different designs to find out which style of wall art best suits your personalit...

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5 Guaranteed Horror-ific Halloween Events to Attend in Nashville

Looking for a bit of Halloween fun next weekend? These top seven ghostly Nashville Halloween get-a-ways are sure to evoke all the horror and excitement that your little black heart desires. 1. Day of the Dead Tequila Festival | October 28: 6-...

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5 Design Hacks That Will Add Value to Your Home

These simple design hacks will add value to your home, whether you are looking to sell, or just simply trying to do a few improvements. Either way, there are several things that you can do to that won't require a full blown demolition of your h...

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Hottest “Coming Soon” in Nashville

Looking for new developments in Nashville, but can't seem to find a good list? We have you covered! Take a look at the list of new developments around Nashville from condominiums to townhouses to single family homes. Don't hesitate to rea...

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