8 Reasons To Go On a Vacation (Right Now!)

Just yesterday, I met with my general contractor and he confessed: “I haven’t taken a vacation in eleven years.” My jaw dropped to the floor. On the inside, of course. On the outside, I nodded and smiled sympathetically, but ser...

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Places in Nashville: Getting to Know the Ryman Auditorium

I remember my first trip to Nashville, I met up with a blind date who was coming from a show at the Ryman Auditorium. My date asked me, "Have you ever been to the Ryman? It's pretty amazing. It's where every country musician dreams of p...

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nashville mural

5 Iconic Must-See Street Art Murals in Nashville

Nashville is a pretty colorful place, which is beginning to show through it’s emerging street art revival. These five murals are all iconic in their own right, so you’ll have to explore Nashville and visit each one to see just how am...

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5 Reasons to Explore the Gulch

The Gulch is known as Nashville’s leading business development district and is appealing to those who enjoy an amazing variety of food and cocktails, great music, a little (or a lot) of shopping, and fabulous homes. There's a million activi...

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