East Nashville


  • Housing Variety-

east nashville home

East Nashville features a large variety of housing options such as bungalow style homes, historic homes, and modern new builds. With all these different variety of homes you can find the style that fits you best. You can also find tremendous projects in East Nashville if you’d prefer to either renovate an older property, or tear down an older property to build and design it into whatever your heart desires.

  • Life Quality-


Fun festivals such as the Tomato Art Fest are becoming a huge part of the East Nashville area. These festivals are a great way to help mingle and form relationships with your neighbors. New parks as well as older parks that have been renovated have made East Nashville much more family friendly.


  • Shelby Bottoms Park-

Shelby Bottoms Park is a great example of the family friendly atmosphere. The park features a beautiful greenway, nature center, a pond, and a dog park, as well as beautiful scenic views and a very overall friendly atmosphere. There is also a golf course connected to the park if you’re interested enjoying a beautiful day on the course, or even if you’re just trying out the sport for the first time!

  • Shopping-


East Nashville features a plethora of local shops within walking distance. For example The Shoppes at Fatherland, which include a ton of local favorite shops. New local shops are always popping up on every corner, which allow people of every style to have a great place to go to. With the growth of the city you can expect to see many more shopping centers popping up all throughout the area. East Nashville also features Turnip Truck a fresh and local grocery store favorite that has quite a unique vibe to it that you will not find in most grocery stores. Turnip Truck has also recently opened a new and exciting location on 701 Woodland St., so make sure you pop in and say hello! There are also more well-known grocery stores in very close proximity such as Aldi’s and Kroger.


  • Live Music-

basement east

Local live music is always a plenty around town with venues such as the 5 Spot, Drifters, fooBAR, and The Basement East. The live music scene around East Nashville allows you to hear some of the best up and coming artists in the area in very cool and intimate venues. No matter your preferred genre of music East Nashville always has many unique eclectic bands playing at the wide range of different venues.

  • Dining out-


The great thing about East Nashville is it features some of the best restaurants in all of Nashville. Local favorites like Jeni’s Ice Cream, Five Points Pizza, The Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Beer Garden, and Mas Tacos emulate the eccentric culture of East Nashville. There are great spots on seemingly every corner and it’s hard to have a bad experience at any of the many delicious eateries East Nashville has to offer.

  • Culture-

east nash mural

East Nashville features a very artsy but charming culture. There are many different unique murals throughout the city to add that unique art touch. Some modern as well as dated building designs also add a distinct charm to the area. There are well also quite a few art shops in the Five Points area that feature not only very unique and one of a kind work but much of it is also local! There are very few places not only in the state but the entire country that can replicate the feeling that East Nashville can provide.

  • Proximity-


East Nashville also boasts a great proximity to downtown Nashville only 10 minutes away from the center of town. You can truly avoid the hustle and bustle of living in downtown, while still being just minutes away from one of the greatest cities in the country. Also if you’d like to be in relatively close proximity to the 12th South area, East Nashville is only a mere 10-15 minutes away.


  • Hot and New Developments-


Growth and developments are an integral part of any upcoming neighborhood or area when looking to put themselves on the map. East Nashville already boasts some of the most intriguing options Nashville has to offer, and there’s even more on the horizon!


  • East Greenway Park-

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThavzwViDPY (have this video already downloaded will enter in on website)


East Greenway Park, which is planned to be a 10 acre development in the up and coming Rosebank neighborhood, is more proof that East Nashville is still growing and looking to excel as one of Nashville’s most exciting and vibrant areas. East Greenway Park is rumored to include 62 cottage style homes with amenities such as: an outdoor gym and fit trail, public bike racks, a dog washing stand, and a great outdoor area with picnic tables, fire pits and grills. The great thing about this development is it will tie in with the nearby Shelby Bottoms Greenway to make the walkway much more accessible for residents.


  • Porter Village-


Porter Village is also an exciting newly planned development in the East Nashville area.  Located on the corner of Cahal Avenue and Porter Rd., it’s planned to be a community consisting of 40 condos and townhomes. Condos will be roughly 700 sq ft and in the $100,000 price range, while the townhomes will range in size anywhere from 1,500-1,900 sq ft featuring a garage and will be priced up to $400,000. This development will make it very easy for residents to be within walking distance of restaurants, churches, convenience stores, and even Eastland Park.


  • Real Estate Market-


East Nashville has seen a complete resurgence over the past few years as a whole, resulting in the real estate market in the area taking off, it is currently one of the hottest neighborhoods in all of Nashville. This past year the average listing price is $289,966. This alone signifies how much popularity and growth in the area has risen in the last 10 years. Growth is still expected to come as well! With the many new developments breaking ground and being announced, as well as aforementioned restaurants and shops always finding their way into this wonderful neighborhood. East Nashville truly is a unique beauty you must behold.

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